Where to Find 3D Gun Files: The GunCAD Developer Index

A free list of public-facing collections of 3D printed gun files by various individual contributors and design groups.

Where to Find 3D Gun Files: The GunCAD Developer Index

Below you'll find a list of Odysee repositories from which you, the 3D-printed firearms enthusiast, can explore and download a bounty of GunCAD goodness.

What is Odysee?

Odysee is an open-source, blockchain-based, file-sharing website dedicated to free speech. It's built on the LBRY protocol and uses a YouTube-style front-end paired with a peer-to-peer back-end to ensure file propagation free from centralized bureaucratic constraints.

Help and FAQ

If you are new to 3D printing and have questions, you'll want to browse the free guide to getting started:

Get Started 3D Printing Guns
Start 3D printing firearms in the comfort of your own home with this easy guide. Everything you need to know to get started.

Odysee Repositories

The below links take you to the downloadable 3D gun file repositories of various developers and developer groups...

Updated 4/20/22

Developer Developer
1pew2pew MacnayArms
1Plus2Equals3D MaxRet
3D Arms Files Methematics
3DArms MiddletonMade
3DFreedom Mprtech2
3DPrint Mr. Snow Content
3DPrintFreedom Mr. Snow Files
AEGlocks_BETA MrCad
AG Cast mrdurden655321
AltivoloEngineering MrJMeZZ
AreWeCoolYet nameisnight
Bigblockdoug nate
blacklotuscoalition NotThatTimmyHicks
BooliganCustomGunworks Plasti_Pews
Br0letariat PolymerToad
BrewPewPew Print2A
BrokenBullets PrintGunz
browner_77 printshootrepeat
c0ld_d8rk_h8nd PunkJuggle
catboii69 Pushin_P.L.A.
chairmanwon random cad
CheapAsFawkArmory Rangerpew
CivilizedDefense ReigningBrass
coinstar renegadeguns
CreamyOfPantSoup RKSpookware
CTRLPew SangreDeTruchas
D Printed Firearms & Firearms Accessories scul
DaikonDefense Sloth2adesigns
DataLove Space Dog Designs
Det_disp_Accesories spaceboundtactical
Deterence-Dispensed-Archive Stippled Glocks v2
Deterrence-Dispensed Stubbs
Deterrence-Dispensed-Media swolebro
Dianexis Tavelkyosoba
DigitalNimbusLabs TechGunz
dootdefense TheGatalog-Accessories
DrunkRebel TheGatalog-Guides_Tutorials
EbenezerMudgett TheGatalog-HybridDesigns
Edgan_remixes TheGatalog-PrintableFramesReceivers
FecalDisco TheGatalog-PrintableMagazines
FFFTech TheGatalog-ReferenceModels
foobadoo TheGatalog-Suppressors
freeman1337-GunCAD-Mirror thekingisbackboys
freemanamiru TheLubeMaster
GunJeevus theOtherSig
gunsister TheRustyMosin
GuS TriptychGunWork
hoffmantactical TrOgDoR5813
hotsauce Trollwerks
INMC Vinh Nguyen
internetpizza Vinh Nguyen Experimental
iprintshit voidarmory3d
Ivan's_CAD_Streams WFGCIVideos
IvanPrintsGuns WTF-9
JamesMakesStuff xYeezySZN
kaapa_the_restless Yah3D
killo Young and Tactical
Klaviermeister zer0fux

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Standard Disclaimers

- En Bloc Press does not manufacture or sell firearms or firearms parts, nor do we upload or host 3D-printable design files. This page simply shares links to third parties. Do not email us felony requests, please.

- The home manufacture of firearms is (and always has been) federally lawful, but some states and municipalities have placed restrictions on either 3D gun files or the manufacture of 3D-printed firearms.

- All gun laws are infringements, but it's smart to at least know the laws in your particular jurisdiction before building a 3D-printed gun.

- Don't be an idiot