Bitcoin, You, and En Bloc Press

I’m considering opening the En Bloc Press BTCPay Server to subscribers, which would allow you to collect bitcoin payments from anyone on the internet privately, with just an e-mail address.

Before I go through the process of enabling this and creating a walk-through for it, is this something that would interest you? Drop a comment or question and let me know.

BTCPay Server is an open-source crypto payment processor that gives people the ability to host their own point of sale stations, e-commerce shops, send invoices and payment requests, and set up “tip jars,” in crypto. It’s really interesting but it requires a full node and self-hosting. I have these things already set up (using a LunaNode virtual machine) but most people don’t. Enabling sharing would allow you to get the benefits of BTCPay Server without the technical hassle.

I think people might really like it but wanted to get a sense of how interested you guys are