Bonus: Data Broker Opt-Out List

What happens when you Google your own name?

Bonus: Data Broker Opt-Out List

Recently I came across a GitHub repo by tech reporter Yael Grauer, called the “Big Ass Data Broker Opt-Out List.” It’s a useful resource that makes managing public information about yourself on the internet much easier.

If you don’t like how much info comes up when you Google your own name, this is a useful list of opt-out pages and similar tools. It covers things like public record aggregators, data brokers, sketchy background check services, and other common OSINT tools that anyone looking into your personal information could find helpful.

The repository exists here:

It’s a good resource and was recently updated, so I figure’d I’d pass it a long.

PS: If you’re a Christian, then Happy Easter tomorrow! If you’re not, then I hope you have a nice Sunday anyway.