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Death from Above - Issue #2 - January 2022

Death from Above - Issue #2 - January 2022
Photo used with permission of @TheRustyMosin

3D Printing & DIY

Death from Above

Here's an excellent video that one of you sent me on Instagram. The video is of @TheRustyMosin hunting hogs from a helicopter with his FGC-9. Note the carry handle, which he designed to aid fighters in Myanmar (detailed in Issue #3 of December 2021). It's incredible that in 10-years, 3D printed firearms have gone from single-shot disposable guns to viable semi-auto standalone platforms and that a decentralized network of hobbyists has accomplished this in their spare time.

King Cobra

Dogenado posted some side-by-side comparison photos of the FGC-9 and Derwood KC9 [Here]. The KC9 is still in closed Beta and is anticipated to release to DEFCAD soon.

KC9 (top) and FGC-9 MkII (bottom)

Dancing a Jig

AWCY released an 80% lower router jig this week. Get it [Here]. The AWCY jig is different from the Ctrl+Pew version, as that jig is for a drill press. If you've never made an 80% lower, it's worth doing at least once. It's a cool way to do a build, and you learn a lot (or at least I did). The router jig is, IMO, the way to go.

AWCY 80% router jig

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