February Issue 3 of 4

3D Printed Silencers, ATF Shenanigans, DIY Steel Barrels, Trillion Dollar Bitcoin, and More

February Issue 3 of 4

In 3D Printing:

  • iprintgunz has released the Saturn Suppressor System. A low-cost, easily-made, 3D printed suppressor for .22LR firearms. The package ships with files, docs, and a complete manual of how to build it. Really cool stuff. [Here…]
This is what we like to see. | Source: Saturn Documentation
  • The Saturn looks like it works really, really well:
  • Ivan The Troll has officially released the ECM v2.0 Barrelmaking package! That’s “Electrochemical Machining,” for those who aren’t familiar. This is a really interesting and low-cost method for producing high quality, steel barrels at home using inexpensive materials and 3D printed components. The barrels for the FGC-9 and FGC-9 MkII are produced via ECM rifling. This is something that’s already a big deal, but I predict that ECM is going to be huge in coming years in terms of craftmade guns and side-stepping gun control measures. [Here…]

  • You should pay attention to this:

  • The statement appears on the footer of DEFCAD. Twitter user [@]E29E appears to have identified the real reason it’s there. Basically, if you see that notice go away, or if the wording changes to the contrary, you might be smart to assume that DEFCAD’s records have been seized or surveilled in whole or in part. This is speculative, but probably true. Do with this what you will.

  • CtrlPew dropped the first video in his series about getting started with 3D printing. Send this to your friends who haven’t started printing yet, or go watch it yourself! [Here…]
  • 3D Printed night vision? Sure, it’s coming along. I foresee big things. [Here…]
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In Guns:

  • The ATF has decided that TommyBuilt Tactical’s clone (T36) of the H&K G36 is actually a “machine gun.” Owners of the T36 receivers will need to ship them back and have them modified, or risk possible issues with law enforcement. Typical ATF. [Here…]
  • The anti-gunners at Giffords released their annual “Gun Law Scorecard,” ranking states in terms of the restrictiveness of their gun laws, number of deaths per capita, etc. California was ranked the “best” state and Mississippi was the “worst.” [Here…]
  • An ICE agent in Pennsylvania is suing Sig over another questionable discharge of a Sig P320. I’m not trying to go back to this every week, but it seems like every week there’s a fresh incident where a P320 goes off unexpectedly. In this particular instance, the plaintiff is bringing up Sig’s (poorly chosen) “Safety Without Compromise” marketing. [Here…]
Sig’s lawyer to jury: “…well, this is awkward”
  • A 12-year-old boy in North Carolina shot and killed a 19-year-old armed robber after the criminal had shot the boy’s grandmother in an attempt to steal cash from the residence. The grandmother is expected to survive. While it’s “good” that the robber was thwarted, there’s now a pre-teen having to deal with ending someone’s life and with seeing his grandma catch a bullet. Dark times. [Here…]
  • Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer (predictably backed by Everytown Law) is bring a lawsuit against Polymer80 for selling “ghost guns.” It’s the usual song and dance, but it adds another prong to the already alarming attack on Polymer80. [Here…]
  • A very interesting look at craft-built/DIY .50 caliber anti-material rifles of the rebel forces in the Syrian Civil War. Put together by the folks at Calibre Obscura. [Here…]
  • The rockstars over at Firearm Policy Coalition have won Cowey v. Mullen, a case against the Sheriff’s Office in Allegheny, PA. The short version is this: state law requires a license to carry a gun in public in some circumstances. The application for this license is processed by the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department closed their licensing office, thus leaving citizens needing to obtain a license that literally could not be applied for. The judge thought this was dumb. So do we. [Here…]
  • Predictably, the Glock 19 was the most popular new-in-box firearm sold on GunBroker in 2020. The Browning Hi-Power was the most popular used gun. [Here…]
  • Ruger made over $560M in 2020, according to their filing with the SEC. [Here…]

In Politics:

  • President Biden drew some heat this week for suggesting that minorities are too ignorant with technology to be able to use the internet to find COVID-19 vaccine sites near them. [Here…]

  • In a separate gaffe, Biden seemed to simply chalk China’s massive human rights abuses up to “different norms” between cultures. [Here…]

  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot used $281M in federal COVID-19 relief funds for her police department’s payroll. You may remember last year when she used the police to keep demonstrators off her own street and arrest people who tried to protest near her home. I’m guessing all that overtime wasn’t cheap. [Here…]

  • Biden says no to a $50K student loan debt forgiveness proposal. This has caused a stir in the greater Democratic party; the issue isn’t settled but it’s not looking good for the proponents. Maarek had the most succinct assessment IMO:

  • Senator Ted Cruz took major criticism for flying to Cancun, Mexico, as his home state of Texas was seriously impacted by freezing temperatures and rare, heavy snow. A number of people have died and the state has, in certain areas, been dealing with rolling blackouts, lack of food, or lack of clean water. [Here…]

  • Cadbury — the folks who make that weird chocolate candy egg with a cream center — pissed everyone off with a commercial where interracial gay men share a Cadbury Egg and swap cream from mouth to mouth while they kiss, further proving that we live in a type of hell. [Here…]

  • Rush Limbaugh died. The legendary broadcaster is looking down from heaven at a timeline of screeching progressives, who are furious that he ever existed in the first place, and are breathlessly virtue signaling by rapid-fire tweeting about how much of an asshole he was.

“I’m mad about Rush Limbaugh”
  • Genuine lizard person and Extremely Online twitter user, @cmclymer, put together a thread of Limbaugh’s “worst” quotes, many of which are hilarious. You should go read them. [Here…]

  • Bitcoin hits a $1T market cap, and trades at a new all time high of $55,000. Big things are happening here. [Here…]
  • BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has started to “dabble” in Bitcoin. Chief Investment Officer Rick Rieder wouldn’t give a number as to their allocation, but when BlackRock says they’re dabbling in something, we’re not talking small potatoes. They join the list of notable players and institutional investors now publicly known to be in Bitcoin. [Here…]
  • Still need to get started in Bitcoin? — Timeline Earth’s “CarCampit” put out a very helpful episode of The Signal about getting started the right way. It’s an easy-to-digest hour or so where you’ll learn how to buy Bitcoin and store it in a non-KYC wallet (which is important!) and a bunch of other useful info that will make getting started hassle-free. [Here…]
  • S2 Underground put out a short (18 minutes) podcast episode about how to legally and non-violently sabotage your organization. This seems to be geared towards disgruntled government employees but there are some interesting ideas that anyone could use to sabotage things around the office. [Here…]
  • Parler is back online. But for real — don’t use it. I shouldn’t have to explain why. [Here…]

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I had never seen this absolutely incredible video until the other day. Apparently it’s been around forever. I missed it somehow. Take the 2:43 and watch this politician wear both a KKK outfit *and* blackface at the same time, to everyone’s surprise. Simply amazing.

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