February Issue 4 of 4

Trump's lawyers hacked, new 3D silencers, giraffe hearts on Facebook

February Issue 4 of 4

In 3D Printing:

  • KadeCad released a huge set of plans for 3D printed suppressors. It’s 600+ files deep, with a wide variety of baffles, housings, adapters, etc., to cover a range of different calibers. [Here…]
Released into the public domain forever.
  • Ivan’s history of the 3D printed Glock [Blog post here, Twitter thread here]

  • Ivan’s history of the 3D printed AR-15 [Blog post here, Twitter thread here]

    • Note: the PDF files are available for direct download on the forum in the 3D printing general chat.

  • New York Attorney General Letitia James leads the gang of state-level AG’s supporting action against Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed in Grewhal v Defense Distributed in an amicus brief supporting Grewhal. This is an interesting case, and one with big implications. But I wonder if Letitia knows that while she’s spinning her wheels sending letters in a fight against Def Dist, that entire archives of 3D gun files are getting bigger and bigger elsewhere? [Here…]

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In Guns:

  • Indiana passes House Bill 1369, permitting constitutional carry. [Here…]
  • Walther releases the new PDP [Here…]
  • X Products announces the X-1, a standalone projectile launcher that shoots, uh, “cans” and “golf balls.” It uses 3D printed components, too. Slated to ship in late 2021, pending ATF approval. We’ll see. [Here…]
The X-1 Standalone Launcher. I’ll take it.
  • Duncan v Becerra will be re-heard en banc following a vote of judges in the loony 9th Circuit. This is the case in which Judge Roy Benitez decided that California’s ban on standard capacity magazines was unconstitutional. The case may be reversed at the appellate level. [Here…]
  • Washington state is in the process of passing legislation which would make it illegal to open carry a firearm at a protest. You can protest. You can have a gun. But you can’t…do both? Weak. [Here…]
  • Oregon is doing something similar. Also weak. [Here…]
  • Raniero Testa shoots 17 clays in 2 seconds to set a record. Eskeetit. [Here…]

In Politics:

  • Biden draws his first blood as POTUS by striking an Iran-linked target in Syria with an air strike, in apparent retaliation for a rocket attack against blue forces in Iraq earlier this month. [More…]
  • Capitol Police say there’s a right-wing plot to, “blow up the Capitol and kill as many members [of congress] as possible,” during Biden’s (as of yet unscheduled) State of The Union speech. [Here…]
  • News outlet Politico is really keeping things dystopian. As it turns out, their defense and space newsletters are sponsored by Northrop Grumman. Their energy policy newsletter and pharmaceutical newsletter are sponsored by ExxonMobil and CVS Health, respectively. Alan Macleod at MPN covers it [Here…]
  • While you’re on MPN, prepare to be alarmed at this article involving “stakeholder capitalism” and for-profit prisons. [Here…]
What could possibly go wrong?
  • Al-Qaeda has a new boss. Egyptian Saif al-Adel — “the sword of revenge” — takes the reins of the organization. There’s fear the group will re-brand and become more powerful under al-Adel than they were under Bin Laden. [Here…]

  • The law firm that represented Trump in his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election has been hacked. 100GB of materials are now on the dark web. I wonder what we’ll find. [Here…]

  • A third of US troops are refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. There’s currently a bureaucratic snafu that makes it so the DoD can’t legally force them take it, and quite a few troops are simply saying “no thanks.” [Here…]

  • The House of Representatives passes the Equality Act, basically expanding the Civil Rights Act of 1964, with a focus on gender identity and public accommodation. [Here…]

  • Twitter deleted a handful of what they allege to be Russian accounts “undermining faith in the NATO alliance and its stability.” Umm, okay. [Here…]

  • Bonus tweet to remind you that CNN is the enemy of the people:

  • Smokey wrote another article about Appalachia. This one is part of a series on the dying coal industry and where that leaves the folks in his neck of the woods. Worth the read. [Here…]
  • Some South-African lady really pissed everyone off on social media by blasting a 17-year-old giraffe with a suppressed rifle and then posing with its removed heart on social media. Merelize Van Der Merwe was gifted the African hunt for Valentine’s Day by her husband Gerhardt. Weird flex, but okay. [Here…]
Source: Facebook
  • US Olympics gymnastics coach John Geddert killed himself after being brought up on 24 criminal charges, including sexual assault and human trafficking. You may remember a few years ago when it turned out the Olympic Gymnastic’s team doctor, Larry Nasser, was a serial rapist and child predator who’d been preying on minor athletes. Looks like the team’s coach was in on it too. Surprise, surprise. Geddert’s corpse was found in a rest area off Michigan’s I-96. [Here…]
  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had a rough week, saying in an interview that Bitcoin was “an extremely inefficient way of conducting transactions,“ and then dealing with a massive and total failure of Federal Reserve electronic systems days later. [Here…]
“Bitcoin is extremely inefficient” — Janet Yellen
  • Mark Schack, a teacher’s aide for special education children in Maryland was caught masturbating on a zoom class of 8th graders. Schack says he didn’t know he was still online. The teacher — a children’s entertainer who goes by the moniker “Captain Silly Bones” at his side-business “Pirate Magic” — cannot be immediately fired according to union policies, and is currently on leave. Shack did admit, “It was my bad.” [Here…]
“It was my bad.” - Mark Schack
  • A former undercover NYPD cop made a deathbed confession that the police were involved in the assassination of Malcom X. Given what we know about the deaths of Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, or MLK, this isn’t surprising, but it still pisses me off. [Here…]

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Corrections: Last week’s newsletter shared a tweet with a video of the IPG Saturn suppressor. This was actually a IPG223 instead of the Saturn, by the sam dev. Semantic difference, but wanted to be clear.

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