Hi-Point Showdown - Issue 2/4 - March 2021

Seized domains, leaked ATF docs, trailer park shootouts, hypnotizing prisoners, new words in the dictionary, and more!

Hi-Point Showdown - Issue 2/4 - March 2021

In 3D Printing & DIY:

  • The owner of “autokeycard.com” has been arrested and his web domains seized by the ATF and the US Postal Inspection Service. The proprietor, Kristopher Irvin, was selling credit card sized metal blanks with the outline of a ‘lightning link’ drawn on them. A lightning link can be used to convert a standard AR-15 into a full auto. Customers would mail him cash and he’d send them the “auto key card,” which people would then presumably cut out along the lines and produce a lightning link. The federal definition of a machine gun includes, "any part designed and intended solely and exclusively, or combination of parts designed and intended, for use in converting a weapon into a machinegun." This appears to be another game of “I’m not touching you” gone wrong. [Here…]
Source: Ammoland
F in the chat | Source: ATF
  • A 3D printed SKS Magazine is in beta testing [Here…]

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In Guns:

  • John Crump broke some leaked ATF documents, which indicate an internal policy change regarding delayed denial and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). It’s a little bit in the weeds, but stick with me.

    When a customer buys a firearm from a dealer, the dealer submits a background check to NICS. Submitted is the customer’s basic vital information, which is used to screen for prior criminal history or other prohibitive factors. If NICS cannot approve the background check within 3 days, the dealer may release the firearm to the customer, and the customer leaves with their firearm on a not-approved-but-also-not-denied background check.

    If the NICS system determines that person cannot legally posses the firearm, but the customer has already taken possession of it, the situation is called a “delayed denial.” Until recently, an ATF agent had the discretion to either leave it alone or to go retrieve the firearm from its new (and ‘unlawful’) owner.

    The leaked documents show a policy change that greatly reduces an agent’s discretion to let things slide, and will basically require repossession of all firearms from delayed denials. This isn’t quite groundbreaking, but it does show a major shift in tone under the Biden admin.

    • Document #1 [Here…]

    • Document #2 [Here…]

    • Crump’s YouTube video explaining things in more detail [Here…]

  • There was basically an old-west style shootout involving a bunch of drunk people with guns (at least one of which was a Hi-Point) in a trailer park in Iowa. One person is dead, and several others injured by gunfire, in a middle-of-the-day pissing match that turned into a posse-sized gunfight at the Sunset Village Mobile Home Park in Hiawatha, IA.

Gunpowder smoke permeated the air when the first Hiawatha officer, Chad Breidinger, arrived on the scene. His initial impression was that of complete chaos. He found four male subjects suffering from gunshots wounds lying within a matter of feet from each other at the intersection of Sunset Lane and Wright Drive.

-Linn County Attorney’s report
  • The Linn County Attorney calls the incident “mutual combat” and pressed no serious charges against survivors involved. [Here…]
  • A guy open carrying a pistol in a Detroit gas station had his gun stolen when the person behind him simply grabbed it and left. Can’t have shit in Detroit. [Here…]
“Yoink” | Source: Fox 2 Detroit

Taurus has announced an optics ready version of the G3 and G3C, called the “TORO” (Taurus Optics Ready Option). I guarantee that everything you see from major firearm publications (which are always bought and paid for) will be positive — but don’t fall for it and don’t buy the gun.

If you’re going to buy a Taurus G3C and a micro red dot to sit on top of it, just use the money to buy a quality handgun with traditional sights instead. A secret to all gun publications is that they’re funded in part by gun companies, co-op dollars, buy-group dollars. I know this because I [redacted] in the [redacted] industry.

You’re going to pay probably $500-$700 for a TORO with optic. Use the money instead on a Glock 19, 43X, 48, Sig P365, Walther PPS M2, or S&W Shield. [Here…]

  • The famous FN 5.7x28mm cartridge is now a NATO round. [Here…]

In Politics:

The House passed the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021, requiring a background check for all firearm sales or transfers, and not just ones taking place from firearms dealers. This would mean that before you do any trading or selling in a voluntary transaction of your personal property to your neighbors or friends, that you’d need to ask permission from the government first.

For instance: if you wanted to sell a rifle to a buddy, you’d have to conduct the transaction at a federally licensed gun dealer, and your friend would need to complete an ATF Form 4473, which is a permanent transaction record.

It’s a roundabout way to create of a national firearms registry, and it further erodes the already dwindling second amendment.

This is one of those issues that normies are fine with because it sounds friendly and reasonable to the layman, but in all reality it’s a very insidious bill with deeply negative implications. It’s not likely that it will pass the Senate, but it’s not anywhere close to impossible. [Here…]

  • House Majority leader Chuck Schumer (cousin to the lumpy and unfunny Amy Schumer) has already slated the matter for a vote in the Senate. [Here…]
  • Anti-gunner Bob Menendez (D - New Jersey) and his usual friends are calling on Biden to issue an executive order to stop “ghost guns.” [Here…]
  • North Carolina’s House passed HB134, which expands the ability of concealed carry permit holders to possess firearms on educational premises which also host religious services, provided the establishment itself does not prohibit firearms. TLDR; expands the ability of people to be armed in church. [Here…]
  • Something bad is going on along the Southern border. ICE is asking for volunteers to help along the border, and Press Sec Psaki awkwardly refused to answer a question about numbers earlier this week, stating “that’s not our program, it’s the Department of Homeland Security’s,” when pressed for details. Anecdotally, a person I trust in Border Patrol has expressed to me that the situation is basically out of control.
  • A felon was given a 30-month sentence for possessing one bullet. [Here…]
  • Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is delayed until autumn [Here…]
  • A BLM protester in Texas was sentenced to almost 4-years in prison for making threatening social media posts and brandishing an AR-15 at a protest. [Here…]
  • A boog boy in Marlyand pleads guilty to illegal possession of a firearm by a felon. [Here…]

  • The Texas Rangers have — in the year 2021 — stopped hypnotizing people when investigating crimes. I had no idea that hypnosis was used in law enforcement at all, let alone in a big way in Texas. What the fuck. [Here…]
  • Terrible website Gothamist briefly and accidentally published their template of a “Cuomo Resigns” article. Oof.
Way to go, journalists. | Source: Kelly Robinson, Twitter
  • The City of Minneapolis reached a pretrial settlement of $27M with the family of George Floyd. The family’s attorney claims it’s the largest ever pretrial settlement for a civil rights violation. The payout comes during jury selection in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck before he died. My guess is that the city wanted such a big payout to offset public outcry in the event of a not-guilty verdict for Chauvin. [Here…]
  • A male prisoner and convicted sex offender decided he was a female, was transferred to a women’s prison, and immediately raped a (real) female prisoner. In fairness to the prison system, there’s no way this could have been anticipated. [Here…]
  • Speaking of anticipating bad outcomes, the (increasingly confused) Biden gave a speech praising the military’s work in developing flight suits for pregnant women. Reflect on this bullet point when we’re losing a ground war to China. [Here…]
  • The dictionary added 600 new words. Among the additions are “finna” and “supposably.” That’s right — supposably. Sigh. [Here…]
  • A reddit user created a Python bot that watches the bird feeder in his back yard and attempts to guess via machine learning which species of birds are visiting. It then uploads the photo and what species of bird it believes to have identified to Twitter. This is interesting but…really, really misses the point of bird watching. [Here…]

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