Can Go No Lower - Issue #3 - 2022

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Can Go No Lower - Issue #3 - 2022

3D Printing & DIY

The 0% Lower

Defense Distributed made public this week their upgraded hardware for the Ghost Gunner 3, which allows the tabletop CNC machine to produce an AR-15 lower receiver from a blank of aluminum.

Not from an 80% receiver, from an aluminum blank. That's right – a 0% receiver.

The GG3 machine could already complete an 80% AR-15 lower, 80% AK receiver, or 80% 1911 frame. It now adds the ability to turn a plain aluminum block into a rifle receiver.

The move comes in anticipation of a Biden administration rule change on 80% receivers. Cody Wilson, director of Defense Distributed (and long-time bane of the federal government's existence), seems to have effectively nullified the next major restrictions on gun ownership before it even happened.

The process works by milling the aluminum block and then attaching the buffer tower ring and 'lower lower,' and fastening it all together with a hardware kit. The "non-receiver block" sells for $25. The hardware kit w/components is $85, and the upgrade kit for your GG3 machine is $295.

I like to imagine a blue hair screaming at this image.

Cody Wilson also had an interview in Forbes about the 0% receiver, which can be found [Here].

Riptide Rails

Riptide Rails has aluminum feed ramps for the FGC-9 MkII [here]

Are We Aligned Yet?

@mrsnow_makes released via AWCY this week a sight alignment tool for Glocks. Looks pretty slick. Get it [Here]

Mr. Snow Makes / AWCY? Glock sight alignment tool



SHOT Show will kick off next week, so prepare to see Instagram feeds full of man-made horrors beyond comprehension. I was able to weasel out having to go, but you guys enjoy the flannel and velcro without me ;)

30 Super Carry

Federal has a new cartridge called "30 Super Carry," which is getting some buzz. The round is pretty close to 9mm in terms of ft-lbs of energy on target from the initial information available. This performance is achieved by shooting a smaller caliber, lighter projectile at a higher velocity than 9mm or 380ACP.

Because the 30 Super Carry (30SC) is smaller in diameter than the 380ACP and 9MM cartridges (.31" diameter vs. .35" diameter), the straight-walled cartridge is narrower and more ammo fits into a magazine. Here, the idea is that you're getting the same juice as a 9mm while squeezing in an extra 2-3 rounds per magazine.

The round fires at a much higher pressure than a 380ACP cartridge, however, and so it's unclear if this will be a suitable replacement in the micro-380 segment or if it'll just supplement or supplant the micro-9 market.

I see this round as a solution in search of a problem. Sig solved the issue of carry gun capacity a few years ago with the release of the P365, and others have followed suit since then. A reasonable effort by Federal, but as one of you DM'd me – why are they out here playing with new types of ammo when they can barely produce enough basic 9mm right now?

Despite my ambivalence,  I'll reserve judgment until I shoot it; I don't want to crap on something just because it's new. At the moment, there are S&W pistols and Nighthawks chambered in 30SC. If we can see the new round working well in some real guns (HKs, Sigs, Glocks), I might warm up to it.

For the time being, I'll still be EDC'ing 9mm Federal in the P365XL.

Springfield Hellion

Springfield released the Hellion, a 5.56MM bullpup rifle, and close derivative of the HS Produkt VHS-2, the Croatian Army's primary infantry weapon. MSRP is $2K.

If you are unaware, many of Springfield's guns are made in Croatia by HS Produkt, and then are imported to the US by Springfield. The Springfield XD, XDM, and Hellcat series pistols are all Croatian. The up-market Springrfield Armory, Inc. firearms (1911s, M1As, ARs) are made in the US, but the cheap stuff is from Croatia.

"Springfield Armory, Inc." is not the same entity as "Springfield Armory," despite sharing a name. Springfield Armory (AKA the 'United States Armory and Arsenal at Springfield') dates way back to the late 1700s and is historically known for manufacturing the famous guns of WWI and WWII: the 1911, the M1903 rifle, the M1 Garand. That Springfield Armory closed in the 1960s.

Springfield Armory, Inc. began in the 1970s and is unrelated to the original Springfield Armory. They make modern versions of some of the same guns, but they're not related entities from an operational standpoint. Basically, it was started by an intrepid guy who commandeered the famous name.

The Springfield "Hellion" bullpup

Anyway, back to the new bullpup. There's uh, no real reason to buy this. Seriously. For starters, it's a bullpup. Second, why drop $2K for a facsimile of the military rifle of the West African nations of Togo and Cameroon, when for $800 you can buy an entry-tier AR-15 and still have $1,200 leftover for a small shopping trip for milk, bread, and eggs?

I'd avoid this one. But if you absolutely have to get a bullpup, get a Steyr AUG instead.

New Aimpoint Red Dot

Now that you know to avoid the Hellion and to delay jumping on the 30SC bandwagon, here's something you can probably buy sight unseen as soon as it's in stock: the Aimpoint Duty RDS. This optic should allow Aimpoint to price something in the ballpark of the Trijicon MRO without crutching by on the outdated-looking Patrol Rifle Optic/M68 CCO design.

The new Aimpoint Duty RDS

Rare Breed Rumor Mill

This week, a rumor floated that The ATF raided Rare Breed (makers of the federally-scrutinized forced reset trigger). This did not happen.


Floundering Biden

If you're a Democrat, Joe Biden's first year has been underwhelming, to put it nicely. And people on the left are starting to notice and publicly talk about it, which is a break from the usual. Biden's approval ratings are awful, and his friends are growing tired of his inability to get things done. Axios has a good summary of his failed agendas [Here].

He's whiffed on a lot recently, and here Biden becomes visibly frustrated when prompted about the collapse of his 'voting rights' bill:

Biden is racking up losses: inflation is at its highest point in 40 years, COVID is more prevalent than ever, the Supreme Court rejected the vaccine mandate, the situation with Russia is deteriorating, Afghanistan was a colossal disaster.

I think the real lesson here for the Democrats is this: "fortifying" elections is a double-edged sword. If you use underhanded tactics, the media, corruption, and outright fraud to win an election, then you might find yourself in power. And with great power comes great potential to fuck things up royally.

Joe Biden is not someone who should be "the guy," and I think the Dems now realize exactly how expensive their decision to appoint him could end up being. Kamala Harris, who is even less popular than Biden, also finds herself in a situation where she needs to fix her reputation.

The blue team is on the brink of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory after such a resounding "win" in the 2020 presidential election.


White people in Minnesota now have a shot at receiving monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19. Minnesota had basically only been treating black people, but now it seems that pressure from journalists is forcing the state's hand in removing their race-based treatment policies. [Here]


Jorge Diaz-Johnston, 54, a Miami gay rights advocate and one of the main people responsible for getting gay marriage legalized in Florida, turned up dead in a landfill about an hour East of the Alabama line in the Florida Panhandle. Police are treating this as a homicide. For anyone who's never been through Florida, the Panhandle and Miami are...two different worlds. [Here]

Baltimore's Top Lawyer Busted

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is indicted for lying on financial documents to purchase a home in Florida. She was bold to do this while also owing money to the IRS. [Here]

The indictment of Marilyn Mosby

Adjacent News

Michael Anton Interview

The Good Ol' Boyz Podcast released a great interview with Michael Anton this week. It's free, so just search on your podcatcher for Good Ol' Boyz or find it [Here]. I thought there were some really interesting parts and particularly found it amusing when Michael Anton kind of just says that he and his friends in politics don't even really have a good way to describe what the hell is going on right now and that there's not a clear historical analog to our current situation.

Manosphere Twitter

There have been a conspicuous number of bad takes from some of the 'Manosphere' accounts recently, but I think this is my favorite so far:

It's kind of funny to me to picture some effete European guy (which is how I picture Rivelino) issuing masculinity tips to Braxton McCoy because Braxton made the unforgivable faux pas of publicly letting people know that he loves his wife.

Twitter is a weird place!

There's a passage in Braxton McCoy's book (The Glass Factory) where he's describing how after a suicide bomber detonates near him in a crowd of people in Ramadi, Iraq, that he comes to – dazed, in and out of consciousness and gravely wounded – and is worried that his lower half is missing. All he can see when he looks down is blood and messy organs where his legs should be. It turns out that he's actually just partially buried under mangled Iraqi corpses, and when his TL pulls the bodies off of him to free him, he discovers that his legs are still there, but they're so fucked up that it's going to take years for him to learn to walk again. He eventually re-learns to walk, and even becomes a successful elk hunting guide and horseman, but then his career is brutally cut short when he gets called a pussy on Twitter by Rivelino (the green line guy) after letting it slip that he thinks highly of his own wife. War is hell.


I'll see y'all next week