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Carry Handle Gang - #3 of 4 - December 2021

Carry Handle Gang - #3 of 4 - December 2021

3D Printing & DIY

Shun the Nonbelievers

Ivan made a ten minute supercut of 3D printed guns doing magdumps

Carry On

Last week I shared the pics from War Noir showing the rebels in Myanmar carrying FGC-9's. TheRustyMosin noticed that their FGC-9's were typically sans optics, and so he designed this carry handle with integrated sight and tool carrier, and posted it to Twitter [Here].

I think this looks great and I honestly hope to see this in the wild against the Junta.


One project I'm excited about is the 3D printed P90. If this prototype looks rough, that's because it is; was from a fast print for testing fitment of components. You can see a test fire video [Here]

It's called we do a little Stargate

UBAR 9mm

The UBAR 9mm beta seems to be moving along nicely. This print looks great, and I'm looking forward to public release. Remind me to get a 9mm upper. I think the strength of the rifle-proven UBAR paired with the relatively tame recoil of the 9mm will make for a build with a great lifespan. [Here]

Updated Guide

I've re-published an updated version of the 3D printing guide. I added links for parts kits and rails, and streamlined a few things. Check it out. Same URL as the old one. [Here]

Guide: Start 3D Printing Guns at Home
Start 3D printing firearms in the comfort of your own home with this easy guide. Everything you need to know to get started.


You're Doing Great, Sweetie

The White House this week released a "fact sheet," which serves as kind of a year in review of the Biden admin's 'historic efforts' to reduce gun violence. The TLDR is this: they haven't really accomplished anything at all.

FACT SHEET: Highlights From The Biden Administration’s Historic Efforts To Reduce Gun Violence | The White House
During President Biden’s first year in office, the Biden-Harris Administration has made more progress on executive actions to reduce gun violence than any

Democrat attempts at confirming an ATF director were stopped, and despite the House's activity, the Senate has not seriously entertained any anti-gun legislation.

Plenty of cash is being pumped into do-gooder social programs aimed at reducing gun violence, but the reality is that no matter how much money gets poured into high crime inner-city areas, it can never mind the gap created by broken familes, absentee fathers, economic depression, and a victim complex.

I think in general we'll continue to see surviellance state overreach funded and advanced, and this will creep into gun policy. Things like red flag laws and predictive prevention will be the only viable strategies for the Dems and neocons to advance legislation, as traditional gun control arguments are losing popularity, even among centrists and moderates.

A huge number of first-time gun buyers entered circulation since the start of the pandemic. There have been record gun sales for the last two years, and 20% - 40% of recent guns sold went to first-time buyers, half of whom were women. It seems that nothing makes women feel less safe than watching hoards of violent activists loot and burn their favorite department stores, while the police sit to the side and watch.

Anecdotally, many of these gun buyers were normie Democrats, or at least had been previously ambivalent towards gun ownership. I've lost count of how many customers complained about the paperwork and waiting periods when buying a gun, moments after telling me they are first-time buyers who have always believed in strong gun laws.

Newbies walk into a gun store expecting a quick and easy over-the-counter sale, and then end up having to show (among other things) proof of residency, current address, answer a battery of questions, wait for a background check, and sit through a 3-5 day waiting period. This makes something 'click' for people. Americans hate inconvenience, and they especially hate inconveneince as a result of their own voting patterns. In this case, bucueacracy-imposed retail friction serves to erode popilar support for gun control. Gallup backs up this anectode:

Gallup backs me up on this anecdote

I think the Democrats will have to figure out a new strategy here. A lot of these WH programs directly target black neighborhoods – which will be a huge political liability when the first ATF agent inevitibly shoots a young black kid in the back – and AWFL's will only support gun control as long as they don't have to worry about the local Target being looted. Dems risk pyrrhic victory if they keep pushing the agenda as hard as they have in the past.

Activist mayors and DA's have done such a good job of turning Democratic-controlled cities into dangerous urban shitholes that they've accidentally sabotaged support for gun control by any normal Dem with eyes and half a brain.

Dark Days

A lot of inventory disruptions have been smoothed out in the last six months, but it's still difficult to reliably find small revolvers, hunting ammo, or bolt guns on the shelves.


Just in case you want to look silly, Savage is now offering a bolt action pistol with a 10.5" barrel that comes chambered in (among others) 6.5 Creedmoor. It's called the 110 PCS (pistol chassis system), and MSRP is $999. If you have an extra rack lying around and you want to let everyone know that you have a weird sense of humor, this might be a great stocking stuffer. The 10.5" barrel will yield less than half the performance of a standard 22"-26" rifle.

I've seen people say this could be used in places with pistol hunting seasons. And yeah you could put a pistol brace or side folder on this, but you just lose so much energy and consistency when firing a cartridge like 6.5CM from a short barrel that you'd honestly be better served with a real pistol and not this weird workaround thing. [Here]

"I don't know why I'm here"

Unity tactical hooks it up

You may be stoked to see that Unity Tactical has released a FAST mount for the Trijicon MRO. I want one for mine.

FAST™ MRO Mount - Unity Tactical
Designed for Trijicon MRO® and MRO® HD optics. FAST™ is a series of optic mounts and platforms that provide end users with a quicker sight picture than standard height mounts. A 2.26” optical centerline height provides faster/easier reticle acquisition while wearing electronic ear-pro/communicati…

Homeowner kills intruder

David Wilson, of Midland TX, was acquitted of murder charges last week, following his shooting of a home intruder in March of 2019.

Mr. Wilson was shaken awake in the middle of the night by his wife after their front door chime went off. Wilson's wife told her husband that she thought someone was in the house, and he went to investigate with his Glock 19 as his wife called 911.

Mr. Wilson heard someone close his front door, and as he entered the living area could see the shadow of a man on his porch. The intruder then opened the front door again and blinded Mr. Wilson with a flashlight, at which point Mr. Wilson opened fire, killing the intruder.

The DA brought manslaughter charges (later upgraded to murder charges), but a jury took only 90 minutes to find Mr. Wilson not guilty.

By the way, the intruder was a cop responding to a false burglar alarm. The officer parked with no lights or sirens and had failed to make himself known to the family in the home before entering. When Mrs. Wilson was on the phone with 911 they did not let her know that police were there. Mr. Wilson was not aware he shot a cop until he was handcuffed and in a patrol car. [Here]

ATF eForms

The ATF's electronic forms system is being updated to accommodate processing ATF Forms 4. This means that your silencers and SBRs and whatnot will now be able to be processed via the internet instead of the traditionally jumbled packet of fingerprint cards and wet signatures.

This is anticipated to reduce wait times from 8-12 months to to 8-12 weeks, after the initial surge of applications levels off.

We talked about this last week but I couldn't give you the dates then. Here's the timeline from ATF:

So yeah — ATF will be able to process Form 4 applications electronically beginning on Tuesday (barring any delays). If you've already submitted a paper form, well...you're out of luck. Existing paper applications have to ride it out the old-fashioned way.

ATF Audit Stats

As part of Biden's "Comprehensive Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gun Crime," the ATF now has to publish a monthly overview of their compliance audits. You can see how busy the ATF has been [Here]

Ohio Constitutional Carry

The Ohio Senate passes a constitutional carry bill. It will advance to the state House next. [Here]


Still with the lab leak?

I know we've all been thinking that C*vid-19 came from rotten snake meat being sold at a Chinese flea market, but it turns out the deadly virus that rapidly swept the globe and has plagued the earth for the last two years may actually have leaked out of the secretive bioweapon research facility down the street from the flea market. It's always who you'd least expect.  [Here]

Political Climate

A physician in Canada has diagnosed an elderly woman with 'climate change' as the underlying cause for the dehydration, asthma, and diabetes the 70-something stumbled into his hospital with. “I don’t have a political agenda,” explains Dr. Kyle Merritt, defending his diagnosis. Imagine taking your grandma to the hospital and some smug pharma bro makes up a politically charged thing for Twitter clout instead of just helping her. Clown world. [Here]

Jihad Squad Revenge

House Democrats voted to create an anti-Islamophobia office in the State Department after Lauren Boebert – a Republican and Israeli intelligence asset – was roundly criticized for suggesting that Ilhan Omar was a terrorist. [Here]

Adjacent News

Napoleon Revisited

The 'How to Take Over the World' podcast had an interesting mini-episode about the daily routines of Napoleon, based on a book written by one of his secretaries. The podcast is only about a half hour and is full of interesting stuff. How Napoleon structured his schedule, his meetings, his workflow, and even his custom desk. Check it out if you're a history guy.

Napoleon Revisited
How exactly was Napoleon able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time? On this episode, I review the book Napoleon: How He Did It. It was wr…

Glass Warfare

Drivers in Oakland have begun to just leave the trunks of their parked SUVs and Minivans open so that homeless drug addicts can rummage through the vehicles without having to shatter the windows to gain entry. You have to admire the glass-half-full optimism of a helplessly disarmed civilian population, held hostage by the bad faith policies of corrupt public officials. The human spirit is indomitable. This is unimaginable to me.  [Here]

"Hope I pass the Crackhead Inspection Checkpoint"

Asch to Asch

This is an interesting little 2-minute video clip that I feel is 100% relevant to Twitter. [Here]