The General's Auction - Issue #14 - 2022

This week's subscriber-only newsletter: a public/private partnership to malign the DIY firearms enthusiast, General Grant's revolvers go up for auction, and more...

The General's Auction - Issue #14 - 2022

3D Printing & DIY

Public/Private Partnership

We're seeing yet another instance where the policy goals of a progressive administration are being advanced overtly through media coverage supporting the government's agenda.

In the last few days, both the New York Times and NBC have run stories about the dreaded ghost gun, and The White House released a statement about gun control, twice mentioning ghost guns as a target.

It's worth noting that NBC's ghost gun story ran the day before the WH press release, and then NYT batted cleanup two days later with their article; this was not all downstream of the WH.

According to a White House press release:

The Justice Department is taking regulatory action to rein in the proliferation of “ghost guns”—unserialized, homemade firearms that are difficult for law enforcement to trace.

Taking on Gun Crime and Violence with a Whole-of-Government Approach | The White House
In his State of the Union address earlier this month, President Biden highlighted his comprehensive strategy to reduce gun violence. He emphasized the