Used the AK and STILL a Good Day - Issue #28 - 2022

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Used the AK and STILL a Good Day - Issue #28 - 2022
Good morning, friends. It's Saturday, July 16th, and this week we're looking at the 3D P90, hate memes, laser engraved magazines, Ukrainian arms dealing, and more.

A Thought on the Politics of Protection

Following years of restrictive stay-at-home lockdowns and periods of unrestricted rioting and looting, many Americans have fled states like New York and California in favor of 'free' states like Florida or Texas. Here are two contrasting legal cases from just this month that I think explain this phenomenon perfectly:

In New York City, 61-year-old convenience store clerk Jose Alba was attacked by Austin Simon, a 35-year-old felon and father of nine, following an exchange with Simon's girlfriend after her EBT card was declined for a bag of potato chips. Simon shoved Alba into a corner and was physically assaulting the man before the clerk picked up a knife and stabbed the attacker in self-defense. Simon died at the hospital, and the senior citizen who stabbed him during the attack was sent to Rikers on murder charges.

In Florida, an Escambia County homeowner found himself in a situation where three men (two of them armed) forced his front door open and invaded his home. The homeowner retrieved an AK47 from his bedroom and opened fire on the three men, who then turned and ran away [video here].  The response from officials?

"So those you who might ask a question, is the homeowner going to be charged for shooting at these people? Absolutely not,” Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons said. “The homeowner is protecting himself and in Florida and Escambia County, you can protect yourself.”

So, in New York, it's illegal to use a knife to stop a felon from beating you to death because his girlfriend's food stamps were declined for a $3 bag of chips. In Florida, it's fine to start hosing these people down with an AK-47. Gee – I wonder why Florida and Texas are the popular places to be?

Man ‘absolutely not’ facing charges for shooting at armed home invaders, Florida sheriff says
A Florida sheriff said a homeowner will “absolutely not” face charges after he shot at armed suspects with an “AK-47 style gun” during a home invasion on July 7.
A New York bodega worker is facing a murder charge after fatally stabbing a man who attacked him
A growing chorus of voices is urging Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to drop a murder charge against a bodega clerk who fatally stabbed a man who had gone behind the counter and pushed him.

3D Printing & DIY

P90 Beta Testing

AWCY? has an open beta group for the 3D-printed P90 project. If you are looking to contribute you can visit:

Variants of 3DP90s | Source: Twitter

Cultivated Laser

It turns out that laser engraving Bakelite magazines yields really great results. Check out Cultivated Laser (@LCultivated) because there's some really good-looking stuff coming out of their workshop.