School of the Americas - Issue #28 of 2023

The subscriber-only Newsletter for the week of Saturday, July 8th, 2023

School of the Americas - Issue #28 of 2023
Good afternoon, friends. It's Saturday, July 8th, and this week we've got some new 3D-printed frames for Beretta PX4 pistols and a small but mighty 37mm launcher. We're also looking at the controversial US Army School of the Americas, which produced some of the most violent human rights abusers of Cold War-era Latin America, ongoing land disputes involving a gun range in Vermont, and more...

3D Printing & DIY

Beretta-pattern PPX4 Frames

Find the files [HERE].

The Gatalog and jmanjones uploaded the Beretta-pattern PPX4 family of 3D-printed frames for the public this week. These require a PX4 parts kit and accommodate the following configurations:

  • PX4_940_FS_FSMag - 9mm/.40S&W full size, takes full size PX4 magazines
  • PX4_940_FS_92Mag - 9mm/.40S&W full size, takes full-size Beretta 92 magazines
  • PX4_940_C_CMag   - 9mm/.40S&W compact, takes compact PX4 magazines
  • PX4_940_C_FSMag  - 9mm/.40S&W compact, takes full size PX4 magazines
  • PX4_940_45_45Mag - .45 ACP standard or Special Duty, takes 9rd or 10rd PX4 magazines

AWCY? Presents: The Anarchy

Find the files [HERE].

AWCY? and UnseenKiller this week uploaded The Anarchy:

The Anarchy is a 37mm 3D Printed DIY launcher with 3 versions, The Hand Cannon, the Underbarrel and The Double Door Knocker. This is an incredibly small launcher with a printed trigger and hammer, ideal for plinking and getting into 37mm based launcher builds.


Live Free or Die (With a Permit)

You may remember Daniel Banyai from Issue #19 this year. He's the landowner locked in a protracted legal battle with the town of Pawlet, Vermont, for his construction and operation (sans permitting) of the private Slate Ridge shooting range on his 30 acres of property.

After years of noncompliance from Mr. Banyai, a warrant from the Vermont Environmental Court has been issued for his arrest. Local police must execute the arrest warrant within 60 days unless Mr. Banyai can prove that he has destroyed the buildings on his land.