Watch for the Janitors (I was on a list)

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Watch for the Janitors (I was on a list)

Some of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen that I was suspended on October 20th. I was foolish enough to engage with the irony leftists and got nuked for a comment that – while certainly mean – wasn't really a violation of the Twitter rules. I appealed the decision, indicating that my comment had nothing to do with race, religion, sex, gender, protected class, etc., but it didn't matter.

Note: I'm sharing this because I think a lot of you will find value in it. I do not want to engage with these people or get involved in any talk on the public timeline about it. I'd prefer to keep a low profile relating to this stuff so if you want to hit me up, please just reply to this email rather than trying to dunk on these guys on the TL. I want to avoid being on the radar of these freaks because they weird me out. 

The jannies were out in full force on the 20th, as one can see below. Maybe this was just a spicy day on the timeline, and maybe this was one last hurrah for Twitter's blue-haired hit squad to ban people for nonsense 'infractions' before they all lose their jobs under Elon Musk. Whatever the case, 7,375 accounts were suspended that day.

"Lost a lot of good frens that day"


Of the 7,375 accounts suspended on October 20th, 399 of them were being actively tracked by analysts who keep tabs on "far-right" users. Turns out that I was one of these accounts. I was made aware of this by someone trustworthy but who also probably wouldn't want their name shared.

Apparently, @Lee_H_E was ranked #6,528 out of at least 100,000 'far-right' accounts based on "centrality to far-right networks."

On one hand, I hate the idea of being in 6,528th place. But on the other hand, I'm choosing to look at this as being in the top 10%. The glass is half-full!

Far-right suspensions tracked on 10-20-2022
Click to see the report of suspensions for 10-20-22

This report comes from information compiled and posted by a fella by the name of Travis Brown. You may remember him from his involvement in the doxxing of LibsofTikTok.

Brown is a software developer who, with funding from the German "Open Source Project," maintains a suite of Twitter command line tools to track Twitter accounts that are ideologically opposed to progressivism. Here are some screenshots of the type of things he's working on.

Tools for Tracking "Far-Right" Twitter Users

twitter-watch is the above-mentioned tool for tracking "far-right" people. Which, most of the time, can be re-stated as "here's a list of people who don't have a Ukrainian flag in their username." This tool tracks suspensions and screen name changes. Check 10-20-22 to see yours truly.

See 'twitter-watch' Here is a tool for tracking screen name changes of Twitter accounts back to 2011. If you used to have a normie Twitter account and then changed screen names to go anon, you are not anon. Many have been doxxed this way. The janitors have a list of 542 million historic screen names for 443 million accounts. You are not secure if this applies to you.

See '' Here

cancel-culture is a suite of tools that basically exists to dig up and screenshot deleted tweets. This one is worth clicking around on a bit to read through the capabilities. Note the involvement of Antifa.

See 'cancel-culture' Here

stop-the-steal is a repository of 9.7M profile snapshots that are ostensibly somehow connected with January 6th and the "Stop the Steal" movement. We're reaching levels of online janitorship that shouldn't even be possible here.

See 'stop-the-steal' Here

There's a lot more in Brown's GitHub repos, but you get the idea. Brown is actively funded in part by a German NGO called the Prototype Fund. You can find more information at the link below.

Hatespeech-Tracker - Prototype Fund

Also in the mix is @murphtracks. This is another digital hall monitor that compiles and publishes big lists of "abusive" Twitter users and works to either dox or at least draw very heavy inferences from accounts that are not ideologically aligned.

Jannies. Jannies everywhere.

Wayback Warning

You'll notice if you dig around that a lot of these tools make use of the Internet Archive / Wayback Machine. It's possible to email and request to be removed or excluded from their platform, but this will also draw the ire of the janitors. By cleaning up after yourself, you're putting the jannies out of a job, so they'll chirp about this situation too. See below:

Your Takeaway

The bottom line here is that there are cadres of literal nerds who spend 20 hours a day "fighting" "hate speech" by autistically manipulating the Twitter API and Internet Archive to generate huge databases of screen names and unique Twitter IDs of regular people, all guilty of the heinous crime of not believing in fully-automated BIPOC luxury queer space communism.

Here are some suggestions for the privacy-minded poster:

  • You should Block @travisbrown and @murphtracks and their friends.
  • You should not use your real email address or real phone number for social media.
  • You should be mindful to avoid sharing location data, etc.
  • If your account started as "@Nick_Adams_OhioStateClassof09" and became "@hitlergroyper6millionmore," then you will get doxxed very easily. Start a new account if your spicy account used to be your real identity.

And perhaps most importantly: always smile when you remember that there's a very smelly little cohort of freakshow twinks who have dedicated their lives and considerable programming skills to doing whatever it takes to inconvenience you for tweeting the random thoughts you have each morning while taking a shit.

My new account is @gr8r_lee, at least until it gets suspended.

Note: there's a Twitter web app called Secateur that lets you block an account and everyone who follows them. I used it to block @travisbrown and @murphtracks and everyone who follows – of which a very large percent was typical lefty fodder, most seemingly with interest in doxxing people. It's a third-party app so use it at your own risk, but it took about 5 minutes to block 13,000 shitlibs. Other than using it, I have no affiliation with the app. It's free.