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Quick Take: Convert Meters to Yards in your Head

Easily calculate distance in yards by converting the metric distance
Quick Take: Convert Meters to Yards in your Head

Just a quick thing that came up IRL the other day; figured I’d share:

Sometimes shooters treat yards and meters as “pretty much the same,” because they don’t readily know how to convert the two without getting out their phone or calculator.

An easy rule of thumb is that a meter is 10% longer than a yard. The specific measurement is 1 yard = 0.9144 meters, but if the scenario doesn’t require precision, you can do the math in your head by simply adding 10% to the metric distance to get the yardage.

Some examples:

  • A 300-meter target is ~330 yards
  • A 1000 meter target is ~1100 yards

I hope some of you find this useful. Anyone who shoots a rifle outdoors can probably get some mileage out of this info if you didn’t know it already.

- Lee